Diagnostic Instruments

Where diagnostic instruments are designed and made to an entirely new benchmark standard, harnessing miniaturized optics, precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology as never before.

At the heart of every Opticlar Vision instrument is an advanced LED light source that outperforms conventional halogen and xenon alternatives in every respect – offering medical practitioners high quality, eminently affordable equipment that will exceed their expectations and provide a comprehensive range of benefits that’s simply unique.
All built on years of global expertise, all backed by a strategic network of dedicated dealers and specialist service and support – and now all that’s needed to make the diagnostic experience as effective and informative as anyone could wish.

The advantages are clear

  • Take a closer look at Opticlar Vision and the advantages soon become crystal clear.
  • Greatly enhanced battery life – up to 60 hours with C cells, 60 hours with AA, 20 hours with ADAPT rechargeable and 10 hours with E-Lithium handles.
  • Significantly longer bulb life – in excess of 20,000 hours, 500 times longer than typical halogen bulbs
  • Unique lifetime warranty on bulbs – no more replacement costs
  • Multi-voltage capability for maximum simplicity and convenience – no need to hold large stocks of bulbs
  • Superior diagnostics, with bulbs that retain their original performance throughout their life – and specifically tuned to the optimum illumination level for particular procedures
  • Improved thermal performance – so energy is used for illumination and not wasted on generating heat
  • Superb optical quality with world class miniaturized optics


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