Medical Scales

Doctors, nurses and other health care professionals value technology that supports them in their day-to-day work and helps them save time. seca medical scales help to shorten routine procedures and prevent errors. The intuitive control systems save training time, while the high level of reliability and quality guarantees precise measurements every time.

Mobile or stationary, little or plenty of space, for constant or only occasional use – seca offer the right medical scales for a wide range of conditions and requirements:

  • Babies who feel safe and secure are easier to weigh. Baby scales by seca make weighing fast and comfortable. With skin-friendly materials that immediately take on and radiate body warmth. With designs that make the baby feel safe and advanced functions that shorten the weighing process.
  • Paediatric measuring systems: Adaptable devices are preferred. Clinics, medical practices and health care facilities have varied conditions and requirements. seca responds with a wide range of products for paediatrics.
  • Where BMI ends, the seca medical Body Composition Analyser Size and weight alone are not enough for a more extensive analysis of a patient’s body composition. What about fat, muscle and water content? All of these are important indicators of serious diseases.
  • What can a scale do besides weigh? Think. The measuring stations and column scales by seca are distinguished by high precision and many features that simplify everyday medical work.
  • Even space-saving scales do plenty for the patient. Where space is limited, there is still enough room for seca scales and their many functions. Routine medical work is made easier.
  • When the quality is right, so are the measurements. Measuring rods and circumference measuring tapes are relatively simple devices in routine medical work – they still have to fulfil challenging clinical requirements.
  • Weighing can be a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. The multifunctional and wheelchair scales by seca are easy to use whether the patient is sitting in a wheelchair or standing.
  • How can you gently and carefully weigh bedridden patients or people who are unsteady on their feet? The best choice is a seca chair scale, which you can take directly to the patient.
  • Every gram counts when lying in bed. seca’s bed and dialysis scales have been carefully tested in the past by specialists and intensive care consultants in dialysis and burn units.

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