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BloodTrack HaemoBank – Blood Allocation Solution

  • Enhance patient safety.
  • Improve efficiencies.
  • Maintain traceability.

Scalable device configurations are available (from 20 to 240 compartments) to meet a variety of point-of-care demands.

The HaemoBank blood allocation storage system is a module within the BloodTrack software suite of solutions. It combines the BloodTrack OnDemand™ software with an intuitive, user-friendly storage device creating an innovative solution that provides clinicians with safe, fast access to individual blood products where and when they are needed.

The BloodTrack HaemoBank can help your organisation:

  • Control and monitor access
  • Provide visibility and traceability
  • Safely improve blood product availability
  • Eliminate the need to crossmatch and label blood products in advance


Manage unassigned, crossmatched and emergency blood products and plasma derivatives

  • Quickly allocate the right blood product where and when it’s needed

How the BloodTrack® HaemoBank™ works

This entire process takes less than a minute, so there is no need to get blood ahead of time.

  1. When a patient needs a transfusion, authorised user goes to the HaemoBank device and identifies themselves as well as the patient.
  2. The BloodTrack software communicates with the Blood Bank Information System (LIS) to determine ABO-Rh and eligibility of the patient.
  3. The BloodTrack OnDemand™ software selects an appropriate unit and an electronic crossmatch is performed by the LIS.
  4. The blood is then automatically dispensed by the HaemoBank device, labeled, and verified.
  5. The unit is now ready to be delivered to the patient for transfusion.

Why a BloodTrack OnDemand solution?

Hospitals that have implemented the BloodTrack OnDemand solution have seen the following outcomes1:

  • 96% decrease in time to access blood*
  • 52% reduction in unused units*
  • 52% reduction in number of RBCs issued*
  • 71% reduction in blood bank staff time*
  • 70% reduction in clinical staff time*

1 Outcomes may vary by hospital.
* Staves J et al. Transfusion. 2008 Mar;48(3):415-24. Epub 2007 Dec 7.

Innovation through Collaboration

Haemonetics has entered into a strategic partnership with Helmer Scientific, the leading blood bank cold storage manufacturer. Together we are developing innovative, next generation inventory management and storage solutions. The BloodTrack® HaemoBank™ just-in-time blood allocation solution — a module within Haemonetics’ BloodTrack suite of blood management and bedside transfusion solutions — is the first of such collaborations.

The Value of BloodTrack Solutions

BloodTrack’s modular suite of solutions provides your organization with the control, visibility, and traceability you need to safely and properly store and dispense blood products in high need areas, such as the emergency department, trauma centre, oncology unit, and surgical suite and verify that the right blood, is transfused to the right patient, at the bedside.

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